Copper clad Steel wire rod price


Processing and Property

We use cladding or plating craft to make copper around steel coils and create atom bonds between the two metals ,so the producers can be processed (like drawing, annealing) as single metal.During drawing process,the diameters of copper and steel will change at the same rate and the percentage of copper volume keeps the same.As high frequency signals have "hasten skin effect",copper coated wires(CCA,CCS) in the high frequency signals transmission(more than 5MHz) are the same as pure copper wire,but cost much less.



CCS wire is widely used in CATV cable,conductor of coaxial cable and parallel double core telephone lines,Computer Lan wire access network cable,inner conductor material of outerdoor used cable,all sorts of electronic components connectors,power transmission and telephone  aerial line;Electrified railway,the rail transit lines catenary aerial;textile shielding wire of power cable;Electric power industry holding ground;medical equipment and equipment connecting cables conductor;High temperature electronic line conductor;High temperature of radio frequency cable coil;High frequency signal transmission,CATV coaxial cable conductor.