ECCA wire 
1.Thermal class:130~220 
3.Enamel type:polyester;polyamideimide;polyurethane

Enameled Copper clad Aluminum wire advantage:

1.Polyester and modified polyester enameled wire,polyester enameled wire class is 130C,modified polyester enameled wire class is 155C,the product with high mechanical strength,and it has good elasticity,resistance to blow,adhesion,electrical properties and solvent resistance performance. 

2.Polyurethane enameled wire,thermal class:130C ,155C ,180C ,good resistance to high frequency,easy colored and good resistant to moisture.

3.QZY enameled wire,thermal class is 180C,good heat resistance and softening breakdown to the high temperature,high mechanical strength,solvent resistance and freeze resistance.

4.QZY/QXY enameled wire thermal class is 200C,220C,with high heat resistance,resistance to rreezing,cold and radiation.

high mechanical strength,electrical stability,good chemical resistance and coolant resistance performance.



Motor of high heat resistance requirements,electric wire cable device,instrument,telecommunications equipment and electrical appliances product,refrigerator compressor,air conditioning compressors,electric tools,explosion-proof electric motor.