MOB cable 0008
USB Female to Micro Male Short OTG Cable:

Product Name:USB Female to Micro Male Short OTG Cable
Plug type: Usb Cable
Cable figure:Round,Flat,or at will
Cores:At will
ConductorSize:32/30/28/27/26/24/22AWG ect
Conductor Construction:7/0.079,7/0.102,7/0.12,7/0.16 ect
Conductor Material:Tinned copper,Bare copper,Copper-clad steel or at will
InsulationMaterial:PVC,PP,PE or at will
Insulation Color:Black,White,Grey,or at will
JacketMaterial:PVC,PU or at will
Jacket Color:Black,Silvery Gray,White,Colorful or at will
Connector:Nickel plated /Golden plated
OD&Length:At will
Cable function:data and charge
Transfer speed:480Mbps